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Profane Existence

MURDER DISCO X - Ground Zero Stuttgart LP

Murder Disco X- Ground Zero: Stuttgart LP. Ex- and current members of Belching Beet, Severed Head Of State, Endrophobia, Cluster Bomb Unit, Suicide Blitz and Detestation! This is what what happens if you take two grumpy old men and an expatriate Portlander and lock them up in a practice room. This record catches MDX shortly after their Balkan experience, delivering 12 tracks of no frills, no bullshit, adrenaline-overdosed, pissed off Hardcore. You hate the cops, the imperialist warmachine, religious wingnuts of all fractions, earth rapers and assholes in general? Welcome to the club - this is your soundtrack to sing along to! Has the first "DIS" song ever written in Punk Rock history and comes with a Terveet Kadeet and an Arm The Insane cover. MDX decided a long time ago that they are too old to die young and chose to rock the hell out of it instead - with almost 100 years of Punk Rock Experience by this bunch of old time scenesters you can expect the formula to be nailed down. And it totally is.